• Customer

    After-sales service provision


    1. Free consultation

    Our company always provides telephone or Internet services to customers about the products usage, maintenance and repair.

    2. One year warranty service for free

    From the day buying machine, (when purchase contract signs), the products sold by our company entitlefree repair service, during this period, except man-made factors (such as go against product specification operation, maintenance, or presumptuously changed product structure, etc.),All man-made damage, accidental damage and failure caused by illegal operation and damage are not covered under warranty. For the quality problem of product itself, you needn’t pay any for maintenance.

    3. Lifetime maintenance service

    Buying machine 1 year later, (from buy contract signs), if product malfunctions and in need of repair, you only need to pay for the reasonable service parts.


    Other provision about after-sales service


    1. Malicious damage does not be guaranteed.

    2. As the term of human factors caused the failure, the company will provide repair service and charge the reasonable service parts.

    3. When product malfunctions and requires our maintenance, and in order to repair effectively, please make sure to describe the fault condition clearly. We provide warranty hotline, fax, and e-mail to give customers flexible and timely service.

    4 our company reserves the right of final interpretation about after-sales service provision.